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Our California Coast Mendocino Bed and Breakfast Inn is a Select Registry property offering guests ocean views, gourmet in-room breakfasts, pristine nature reserve trails onsite, with a guest-only Wine Bar[n] and After Tea Service. Reserve Now.



Private yoga

Private Yoga Sessions

  • 1 hour $70

  • 1.5 hours $100 for one person

  • Add your partner for $20.

Both for a complete beginner, or a seasoned yoga person, receiving one-on-one guidance is both a delight and a download of body information, in body language (through hands-on support). It is a boost to start practicing, or to deepen your practice.

Learn more accurate alignment and modifications to support your particular body limitations or interests.

Private partner YOGA

Partner Y Promo.jpg
  • 1 hour $90

  • 1.5 hours $120

You can choose to learn to work WITH your partner, supporting each other! You and your partner learn both, Mirrored Poses where you are doing the same pose together, and Assisted Poses where you are taking turns being in the pose, and being the support person.

In a private session you can receive guidance to work with the specific strengths, limitations and interests, that you and your partner have. Practice together with your partner breath and postures that are healing and deepen your connection.

Massage Instruction for Couples

  • 1.5 hours $100

Learn basics and specifics for each other in either Swedish Massage or Thai Massage.

Take turns working on each other. Both of you come away having received about a 40 minute massage! And having learned some moves to work on the things your partner needs or loves.

Thai Massage is a traditional massage from Thailand and is done in comfy clothes on a mat on the floor. It is often described as having someone do your yoga for you while you relax. Your body is kneaded and stretched and meridian points are also used to release lines of tension and holding habit patterns.