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Labor Day brings Paul Bunyon Days to the Mendocino Coast

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Labor Day weekend is always an exciting time on the Mendocino coast, and this year marks our 75th anniversary! The fun starts Friday, August 29 and continues through Labor Day, Monday September 1.

For rock enthusiasts and budding geologists there is a gem, mineral, and fossil show--speaking of which, there will also be a giant blue whale skeleton on display. For the car lover there will be a classic car show. For a comical diversion, there is an ugly dog contest--the ugliest dog takes the grand prize! Of course the crown jewel of this annual event is the logging show; men and women who live in Mendocino, Humboldt and Lake County compete in an exciting variety of events for more than $7,000 in prize money! 

To top off the fun, the Paul Bunyan Days Labor Day Parade will take place from 11-1pm on Labor Day. Expect to see some funky floats, lively bands, and marching groups of all stripes, sizes and abilities.

If you are you the fence about your Labor Day weekend plans, ponder no longer! Come join us for a guaranteed fun time!

A Trip to Montgomery Woods

We left Glendeven Inn Mendocino in the early afternoon, after breakfast and coffee. We turned down Comptche-Ukiah rd., (just south of Mendocino) and we were on our way. The drive took us through windy county roads, with incredible natural scenery, tight turns, and the occasional pothole. The road snakes through ridge lines in the hilly countryside, offering stunning views into the valleys below and the wooded hillsides beyond. In almost a half hour, we reached Comptche, a sunny frontier town town, nestled in a hidden valley. On the main drag, we passed the school, the single convenience store (which doubles as a post office and gas station) and the fire station. Here we could take Flynn Creek Rd to connect with the 128 if we so desired. Today, however, we had a different destination. The road carried us onward, and we continued to enjoy the scenery as we winded onward to our destination, Montgomery Woods State Reserve.

Montgomery Woods is located on a small alluvial flat, hidden away in a remote, steep-sided valley. The reserve started with a nine-acre donation by Robert Orr in 1945, and has been enlarged to 2,743 acres by purchases and donations from the Save-the-Redwoods League. This serene little grove is an isolated jewel, full of virgin groves of giant Coast Redwood (Sequoia sempervirens). At one point, the tallest tree in Montgomery Woods, named the Mendocino Tree (370 feet), was the world's tallest known tree. The tree lost its title in 2000, when a slightly taller redwood was discovered in Humboldt Redwoods State Park in Humboldt County, but looking up from the ground, what’s the difference of few feet? The tree is one of dozens of similar height in the grove, and looking up at any one of these towers impart a distinct feeling of smallness and awe on the viewer.

We found that the serenity of the park, like many redwood groves, is best appreciated late in the afternoon.The late-afternoon summer sunshine reaches the valley floor, and provides a softer, more scenic light than the direct midday sun. Below the canopy of the towering redwoods, the ground cover is an especially plush carpet of sorrel dotted with large ferns. The occasional wildflower, like the lovely trillium, is a pearl on the verdant landscape.

There are many interpretive signs that describe the local flora and fauna. One sign told us about the newts native to this region. This year has been unusually dry, and the water carved stream beds had nary a drop, so we fretted for the newts, but our fears were alleviated when we happened across a pond serene pond. Though newt-less on arrival, we knew that the nimble newt is a timid creature, and so we perched and waited, hoping for a newt sighting. Within minutes we began to see them in droves. In our humble assessment, there are few things cuter than these little newts swimming in the idyllic redwood pond.


After a leisurely hike, and a lovely picnic, we found, to our surprise, that the day had already grown late. Rather than turning back, we continued onward to Orr Hot Springs, 2 miles to the east. We had heard of Orr Hot Springs before, but were surprised by just how lovely it was. The grounds are lovingly tended, and we found ourselves welcomed by clusters of dahlias and lilies. There are many private tubs, two saunas, two communal open-air spring-fed tubs . The 105-degree mineral-rich water has a sulphurous smell, but leaves the skin feeling cleansed and refreshed. After a long soak, there are trails for hiking and sundecks for curing tan lines. At night, the two rooftop claw-foot bathtubs offer a perfect perch for stargazing beneath the unpolluted sky.

At the end of a beautiful day, we began the journey back to the coast. A beautiful sunset painted crimson skies over the rolling hills. As the first stars twinkled in the twilight, we felt in our hearts that this was truly a day well spent.

--The Visitor



Mendocino Top Choice by New York Times


The Mendocino coastline was chosen by the New York Times as #3 of 50 Top Places to Visit in the world in 2014. 


Why don't you then? 

If you do, check out Glendeven Inn Mendocino, or The Inn at Cobbler's Walk Mendocino.  We'd love to have you.

From the Mendocino Beacon, "The New York Times released its annual "Places to Visit" list, with Mendocino County's North Coast taking the No. 3 spot out of 52 destinations.

The coastline is listed alongside destinations and experiences such as Cape Town South Africa's recent renaissance, a revived Downtown Los Angeles culinary scene and the biologically diverse environs of Ecuador including the Galápagos Islands."


Mushroom season is coming!

The local Mendocino mushroom foragers supply some of the finest restaurants in the US, and they mushrooms literally right outside everyone's back door here in Mendocino.  

Many of the local restaurants hold private winemaker dinners in the Fall and the wineries have special tastings as well.  This year's festival is from November 1-10.

Find this year's Mushroom WIne and Beer Event information here .


Bee Hives

We are very please with how the bees have done this year! The hives are tall, and full of bees..... and full of nectar and honey!   The Mendocino area provides amazing  opportunities for pollen from a wide range of native and ornamental trees, bushes and flowers.

We are allowing the bees to over-winter with the fruits of their own labors, and will harvest the honey from whatever is left over in spring once they have over-wintered. 

If we harvest the honey now we will have to feed them sugar-water during the winter, and we think they're healthier to use their own stored nourishment.

The Naked Ladies in Mendocino

Everyone calls these pink flowers "Naked Ladies."   The "skirts" grow in June, and then die away after which time the flowers arrive, and the 'Ladies" stand there without their skirts.  Glendeven Inn Mendocino pretty much has the largest swath of these flowers.  Here is just one section.

The Naked Ladies at Glendeven

The Naked Ladies at Glendeven

This Amazing Mendocino Weather

The weather has been unbelievably beautiful with sunshine and blue skies.  The ocean has had the most amazing cast of blue that I've seen in a long time!  And there is more promised with September and October being the best weather months of the year.  We hope to see you at Glendeven or Cobbler's Walk  soon!


The Beach Trail Cottage

The Beach Trail Cottage of Glendeven Inn Mendocino is a quiet, cozy and bright vacation rental at the head of a beach trail at Van Damme State park, just three doors down from Glendeven Inn.

On this day, we had a guest arriving who ordered a romance package including Roederer Sparkling Wine, this beautiful bouquet, and a cheese board on arrival!