Water flowing over rocks on waterfall trails in Mendocino

Some of the Most Beautiful Waterfall Trails in Mendocino

Known for its breathtaking ocean views, sky-high redwood forests, and abundance of hiking and biking trails, Mendocino, California, is a dream come true for those who want to spend the day exploring the great outdoors. In particular, the waterfall trails in Mendocino provide visitors and locals with the unique opportunity to see cascading water in […]

Glass of white wine and grapes at the International Alsace Wine Festival

What is the International Alsace Wine Festival?

Wine lovers, mark your calendars! The 11th annual International Alsace Wine Festival will kick off on February 20, 2016, and is the perfect event for those who crave a cool, refreshing glass of white wine. Presented by the Anderson Valley Winegrowers Association, this event showcases the beauty of Anderson Valley and its unique group of […]

Pine tree in the Mendocino Pygmy Forest

What You’ll See in the Mendocino Pygmy Forest

If you thought fairies and elves were just a figment of a child’s imagination, you may change your mind after visiting the Mendocino Pygmy Forest. Situated in Van Damme State Park in Northern California, this baffling National Natural Landmark looks as though it’s been taken right from the pages of a storybook. Here, 100-year-old Mendocino […]

Two women enjoying Fort Bragg shopping

Your Guide to the Most Unique Fort Bragg Shopping

Home to picturesque coastal bluffs, various state parks, and the breathtaking Point Cabrillo Lighthouse, the small fishing town of Fort Bragg, California, is an ideal destination for a relaxing beachside getaway. In addition to the area’s beautiful scenery, there are tons of local gems and unusual attractions that are just waiting to be discovered. Whether […]

Photo of the dunes on beach hikes in Mendocino

4 of the Most Picturesque Beach Hikes in Mendocino

With secret coves, tide pools full of sea stars, and rocks dotted with resting harbor seals, Mendocino’s coastline has incredible beaches that are just waiting to be discovered. Hiking options on the Coast are seemingly endless, with long beaches, state park trails, and lush forests at every turn. Whether you’re searching for seashells, whale-watching, or admiring a […]

View of the Golden Gate bridge on weekend getaways from San Francisco

Mendocino is the Best Weekend Getaway from San Francisco

Just 3 hours from the famous Golden Gate Bridge is the peaceful coastal village of Mendocino. Home to scenic beaches, incredible native wildlife, and sky-high Redwood forests, the Mendocino Coast is ideal for escaping the city and gives visitors the chance to experience the great outdoors during any time of year. Whether you’re looking to explore […]

The fern canyon trial in Mendocino

Have an Adventure on the Fern Canyon Trail

Nestled in the picturesque Van Damme State Park in Northern California, a natural wonder known as the Fern Canyon Trail attracts outdoor enthusiasts from far and wide. The hike is about 5 miles round-trip and winds along the bottom of a canyon filled with vibrant green ferns and gigantic redwoods. While traversing various walking bridges […]

Some of the biggest trees in the world in California

Some of the Tallest Trees in the World are Right Here!

Known for sky-scraping forests and awe-inspiring views, Northern California draws visitors from all over the globe to experience the tallest trees in the world. In particular, Giant Redwood trees naturally thrive in the moist, humid climate of the California Coast, reaching mesmerizing heights and providing a picturesque landscape. They can live up to 2,000 years, […]

Mug of beer at Anderson Valley Brewing Company

Spend an Exciting Day at Anderson Valley Brewing Company

Since 1987, Anderson Valley Brewing Company has been handcrafting authentic ales and lagers with a passion for sustainable brewing practices. Located in Booneville, CA, this pioneer institution started out as a modest 10-barrel brewhouse and was one of only 20 craft breweries in the country. Their award-winning ales, porters, stouts, and wheat beers gained a […]

Mendocino whale watching

The Most Amazing Mendocino Whale Watching Trips

Each November through April, the Mendocino whale watching season attracts spectators from far and wide. This coastal village in Northern California is ideal for experiencing the incredible migration of thousands of California Gray Whales as they make their way south from their feeding grounds in Alaska. Along the way, the whales do a swim-by off […]

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